NAFKAL Express: Services and History

NAFKAL Express PTY Ltd. is a reliable and efficient service specialising in package delivery. With a strong work ethic and professional drivers, we ensure the timely and secure delivery of goods. Our company offers a variety of delivery options to cater to different needs, including express delivery for urgent packages and standard delivery for non-time-sensitive items.

We prioritise customer satisfaction and provide tracking updates, allowing customers to monitor the progress of their deliveries. Additionally, we take great care in handling packages to prevent any damage during transit. With our dedication to quality service, NAFKAL Express is the preferred choice for individuals and businesses seeking a trustworthy and dependable courier or logistics partner.

Nafkal Epress Van cargo on the road for delivery in Melbourne
Nafkal Epress Van cargo on the road for delivery in Melbourne
NAFKAL Express: Mission and Culture

NAFKAL's mission is to be the leading reference in mail delivery for small and medium-sized businesses. Our goal is to distinguish ourselves from the competition by offering reliable, efficient, and fast service while maintaining excellent value for money

The foundations of NAFKAL Express PTY Ltd. rest on the strength of our team and our professional ethics, with the aim of providing a high standard of service to our customers."

”Every day, we strive to improve our service to the clients by developing the right blend of hardwork and creativity to make sure every job done is done as efficiently as possible.”

Ceo & Founder

- Felix Naakeu

”Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Put your trust in Nafkal Express and we'll be happy to serve you with respect and professionalism.”

Operations Manager & Co-founder 

- Cathy Tidoh

Meet our team

Human Resources Manager

Ray T

Team & Dispatch Manager

- Klint Naakeu

Ceo & Founder of  NAFKAL Express PTY
Ceo & Founder of  NAFKAL Express PTY

Quality is our habit. It's not just something we strive for; it's a principle we live by every day.

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